Quick Start

Software Developers and System Engineers

To develop a software program, we start with the given requirement, which tells us what functionalities are needed for the software.  By following the requirement, we simply transform the requirement into system functions.  It is possible to start with the system requirement and then transition to code, but for some systems it is very difficult to manage the complexity of the overall software development. 

The SLPSoft Software System Design and Modeling enables software developers and system engineers to develop software with fewer complexities, which can ultimately reduce market time. Our software is very effective and can save you time and money during software development. Download the evaluation version, try it out, and contact us for questions or technical support.

Managers and Employees

To get started quickly simply use the quick guide examples. SLPSoft software enables you to manage and model your applications and execute your projects more efficiently. This will ultimately contribute to you saving money on your project, managing your time better, and delivering your projects on schedule. Our products take project management to a higher level, encouraging managers to think of their projects in terms of functionality, managing the functions of employees. Our software facilitates employee collaboration, employee feedback, customer inclusions, and much, much more.

In terms of understanding the overall process, our software is simple and intuitive for users. To get started with our software modeling, download an evaluation copy, sample projects, and the software user manual and tutorial by clicking here.  If you have any questions while using our software, please contact our support center and we will respond as soon as possible. 

Managers and Groups

In many projects, employees are structured, where groups and subgroups are identified. When it comes to groups in terms of modeling, the groups or subgroups that are identified in a project have various functions. By using our software to model your application, each group in a project is identified and has its own function.

The modeling and management of the project takes groups into consideration. In this case, the top layer of a project can be identified with several managers and each manager has a group to manage. By using our software to manage and model the project, it can be viewed easily in a graphical manner.

SLPSoft management software can make the entire project easy to manage and remove any ambiguities or disconnections usually found when the size of the project becomes too large.

The SLPSoft Functional Project Manager for Visual Studio enables the managing of projects inside Visual Studio. To develop software effectively without going over budget, choose the SLPSoft Functional Project Manager for Visual Studio.

The SLPSoft Interactive Project Manager software makes managing employees and groups of employees easy. When a manger has multiple groups of employees to manage, it can be very difficult to keep track of everyone. Our Interactive Project Manger enables you to manage all phases of groups and employees identified in a project by function.

For more information about how The SLPSoft Interactive Project Manager can help you, please contact us or download an evaluation copy of the software to try it out. Refer to the download page to download an evaluation copy, sample projects, and the software user’s manual and tutorial. For support, contact our support center and we will respond to your request as soon as possible. 

Instructors/Teachers and Students

Each individual entity that makes up an application is identified through modeling. For example, an application that involves students and instructors is measured by how students and instructors interact together to execute a function. In terms of application modeling, our Interactive Application Modeling software can be used in any application that involves instructors and students.

In a classroom project, for example, if the project involves the interaction of individual instructors and students to execute a function, then the Interactive Application Modeling can be used to model that project. If the project involves an assignment by a group of students, our Interactive Application Modeling can be used to model that project as well. In short, The SLPSoft Interactive Application Modeling can be used by both instructors and students to model projects, laboratory experiments, and any other projects that involve interaction of instructors and students, groups of students, or independent students all working together.

To learn more about how our software can help out in the classroom refer to the download page to download an evaluation copy and sample projects. If you need support while using our software or have specific questions, please contact our support center. Allowing students to use our graphical software to manage their laboratory experiments will further increase the understanding of the labs; we guarantee it.